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Ollie Lucas

Ollie Lucas started out as a graphic designer but, with inspiration from the street art of Melbourne, began creating works with a more organic edge. As he describes the progression, 

“Exposure to the graffiti scene in Melbourne has made me question harmony in my work, I have a love for filthy, dirty and weathered paint splattered surfaces, but at the same time I crave clean, modern, hardline geometrics. This is what drives my practice, combining two visual elements that are polar opposites in search for a harmony that I may never obtain.”

His most recent works, made on large recycled cable spools, focus on the arbitrariness of the signs we use to communicate. His works revolve around the phenomenon of pareidolia, the human tendency to see objects in clouds or recognisable objects in patterns or surfaces. In this way, his works are mostly up for our interpretation. For more on Lucas’s artworks, click here

- Lee Jones


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